90% traditional street lights will be replaced by smart lights in the future? Jul 02, 2020

The intelligent street lighting monitoring and management system uses computer technology combined with communication technology to realize automation and intelligent monitoring and management of the fast-developing road lighting system, so as to prevent accidents, improve lighting quality, and improve the efficiency of maintenance and repairing cost; ensure road lighting rate and Equipment intact rate, save energy, reduce labor intensity, and avoid related accidents. Smart LED street lights are more than75% energy-saving than high-pressure sodium street lights or metal halide street lights, and more than25% energy-saving than ordinary LED street lights,investment take back in about 2 years only.

In the management of modern cities, the management of urban street lighting is a task with high capital, high technology content, and greater difficulty. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources. The activation of the intelligent street lightingcontrol system builds a new platform for the construction and management of urban street lighting. The activation of this system plays an important role in urban street lighting management to a large extent, and it also has far-reaching social effects and economic significance.

The intelligent street lightingmonitoring and management system developed by Guangzhou ChengHong E-Tech.Co., Ltd. uses wireless GPRS/2G/4G or CDMA, broadband, optical fiber and other communication technologies and computer control systems to realize the functions of urban street lamps, remote control, and management.Flexible conversion on Power line communication(PLC) or the Wireless LoRA Communication, or the Hybrid system of Integrated PLC and LoRAIt is an urban lighting intelligent control system that is relatively advanced, complete in functions, and highly reliable, practical, expandable and economical. We dominate the China expressway tunnel lighting projects with over 70% market share, over 95% market share at West-South of China 5 provinces where are Mountain range, longest Tunnel lighting on the freeway is over 14,300 meters; largeest scale projects of 187km long Expressway Groups of Tunnel lighting controller with quanity over 32000 units installed 19 tunnels; with and top attractive to the smart industry lighting control area. Moreover, over 16 huge smart street light projects done over 200,000 units streetlights working under our Intelligent Street Lighting Control & Management System at domestic and abroad.

Key Advantages ofthe intelligent street lighting monitoring and management system:

1. Reasonable and reliable operation control of the street lights operation: to saveover75% of the energyconsumption of the lightingprojects.

2. Systematic design and analysis of the annual switching time of street lights.

3. The control of street lights on and off can be controlled reasonably according to the schedule: to achieve the brightness on and off time control at different times every day for 365 days throughout the year, making the city lighting more humane.Simple and easy achieve it by Longitude & Latitude Switch Technology.

4.Fully automatic monitoringtheurban lighting operation status.

5.Automatic and Manual Remote Control.

The whole city street lamps can be divided intoanygroups according to differentroads and different areas, grouping or individual controlling & monitoring separately. It adopts time control, remote control, andscheduleschemes to automatically turn on/off the citynight lights, midnight lights.Can also shut down and power on other lamps which have not update with the smart single lamp controller as long as they are sharing one transformer and same power distribution box.

6.Automatic and manual remote control on/off operation interface for automatic survey, manual survey and selective survey.

The monitoring center can automatically carry out timing surveys according to the set time period (different periods can be selected arbitrarily before and after turning on/off the lights). The operator can also manually inspect various monitoring data such as voltage, current, active power, reactive power and power factor of each monitoring terminal at any time.


When the monitoring terminal actively alarms or the monitoring center finds an alarm during telemetry, the system automatically emits a sound alarm (the sound content varies according to the alarm type), and can transfer the fault information to the designated mobile.Abnormal conditions like: lights on during the day, lights off at night, voltage, current limit violations, power failures,leakage, cabinet door openedtheft and other faults.

8.Automatic calculation of lighting rate

The lighting rate can be estimated automatically according to the changes in voltage, current, active power and power factor.

9.According to different types of streetlightcontrol requirements, the street lamps can be set into different functional groups, respectively using time control, remote control, brightness control and other strategies.

10.Remote monitoring and query

Remote control of the system andRemote real-time querythrough Internet.

11.In the event of electrical leakage due to abnormal insulation of the power supply line, theindividual lamp controllerterminal will promptly issue an alarm and automatically shut down the operating equipment to help the government achieve efficient operation and provide protection for thecitizen.

12.When the power line is stolen, it is sent to the duty officer and the monitoring center through the mobile phone text message and GPRS communication network.

The activation of the intelligent street lamp monitoring and management system will greatly increase the vitality of street lamp construction and management in various urban areas. At the same time, it will also enhance the monitoring and management of urban street lamp anti-theft facilities. Lighting energy-saving control and automation management are promoted to intelligence, energy-saving, environmental protection, systematization, and automation, making our city more modern; only by organically combining the system with city management and forming a whole, can we More outstandingly present the modern management level of urban lighting, which is the need and trend of the development of modern cities, and it also has far-reaching significance.

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