180 lm/W High Performance :

A significant amount of less energy is used with 180 lm/W efficacy – 31% more efficient than standard LED panels (140 lm/W). By using cut-edge technology, our High Performance+ panel range is at the top of the game when it comes to efficacy - up to 180 lumens per watt, and minimum 25% power saving than nowdays polular design of 140 lm/W model.

It’s better than buying a cheap panel with lower luminous efficacy and paying a lot more for electricity over the next 5~10 years. Slash Your Energy Bill and Reduce Carbon Emissions.


How much can you save with High Performance+ Panels? Assuming you need 3600 lumens, you'll only need 20 watts with our highly efficient panel vs 36W with a standard LED panel. Up to Max 31% electricty savings.

High quality panels will last for years and you need to consider the overall cost as well as the impact on the environment to select the right option. By choosing High Performance+ panels, your investment will quickly break even, and the energy saved will help reduce carbon emissions.


Moreover, with This guarantees a comfortable light which is ideal in places like office buildings, hospitals, dental practices, schools, universities and shopping mall.


Our High Performance+ panels come with a 5-year warranty and are guaranteed no-yellowing to give you peace of mind.

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