Intelligent cabinets for LED street lighting control projects

Intelligent Cabinet is a key control solution for the Smart City LED Street Lighting Projects. It will be synchronously controlling and monitoring the grid and street lighting at one time, widely linkage to the third party devices such as energy meter, three-phase current sensor, over voltage protector, illuminance sensor, and motion sensor etc. You can monitor and control all the streetlight cabinets in any part of the world as long as there is Internet.

By connecting with the motion sensor and daylight intensity detect sensor, it will provide a perfect solution and seamless for the intelligent lighting control management system on the effective energy asset management in city roads, expressways, tunnels,warehouses, factories, buildings, substations,airports lighting projects. The 3rd party sensor linkage options.

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Detailed of the PLC & LoRa Technology showing on 93km Shen Zhen Outer Ring Expressway Street Lights & Tunnel Light Groups:

Cabinet Controller for Intelligent  Lighting Projects

Key Features:
1.  Server Capacity  : Whole Country Projects can share one Server, Cloud Based Data Storage
2.  Comm. Channels: PLC  or  LoRa / Hybrid PLC & LoRa with 2G/3G/4G
3.  Automatic Switch:Turn On/Off, Dimming according to the Nature Light Intensity or Ambient Brightness
4.  Monitor Function:W/V/I/Tempt./Air Quality- PM2.5  
5.  Sensors Detect   : Rain/Fog/Snowny/Cloudy/ Dimming according to the Vehicles Motion Sensor
6.  Max. Controlling: Qty. No limited
7.  Wireless Comm.  : 2,000m
8.  Auto-Reporting  : Temperature/ Malfunctions/Loop Power/Leakage/Door Open/Stealing
9.  GPS/ Altitude & Latitude set & Sunrise / Warning any Abnormal Cases.
10. Asset Management before the System Installing.

Electrical Parameter:


Rating Range

Maximum Loading Lamp Qty.

400 units(extend to1000 units, option for industry lighting)

Working Voltage

120/240V ±20%( Max.<420V)

Working Frequency

50Hz - 60Hz

Switching Output

8A(MAX),Over-current Capacity (resistive load)

Insulation withstand voltage

4KV, (RS485 interface and power supply)

Communication Channels

PLC, LoRa, or Hybrid of PLC + LoRa

Maximum Consumption Power

< 3 watts

Remote Control

Group & Individual ON/OFF/Dimming

Latitude & Longitude Switch


Lighting Sensors

Seamless Fill brightness by Illuminance Sensor + Motion Sensor

Scene Lighting Automatically

Rainy, Cloudy, Fogs, Snowing Days Auto-adjusting

Grid / Lamp Monitoring

V/I/W/PW, Active & Reactive Power, Lamp Tempt., Cabinet Door Status, Air quality PM2.5, Snow, Rain, Fogs etc.

Power Metering

Reporting & Analysis

GPRS Warning

Lamp Failure,Over Temperature/Voltage, Wires Stolen, GPS location the Stealing-electricity on google map.

Statistical Analysis

Luminance Ration, Alarm Statistics, Power Saving Ration, Voltage/Current Fluctuate, Environment Monitor


Automatic Shut down when Over Tempt. ; Location Stealing & Automatic Calculation of Power Stealing, Wire Stealing Alarm & Location, Decreasing Current Impact & Extend Lifetime.

Asset Management

Lower Budget can choose our Asset Managing System

Video Monitoring

CCTV Camera for safer city (option)

EV Charging


Insulation withstand voltage





Surge Protect(L-N  L-PE  N-PE)


Static Electricity


Operating Temperature


Storage and Working Humidity


IP Rating



155x110*110mm (L/W/H)




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