The CH-L0101 loop controller is independently developed by our company. Aimed for industry lighting for warehouse and factory, buildings,stations, etc., to control the power supply of lighting fixtures through a human-machine interface, to collect data and monitor the status of the power supply loop.

 The management of traditional lighting fixtures in factories, warehouses, buildings, and stations mostly adopts special personnel manual control and special personnel inspection status, which not only takes up a lot of manpower and material resources, but also has problems such as inadequate management and untimely management. For example, special personnel are required to switch lights every day, Even if time-space equipment such as time controllers and theodolites are used, it still cannot solve multi-time management, abnormal weather operations such as cloudy days, accidents and other incidents, and equipment operations on site are still required. Another example: rigid control methods, lighting scenes, only relying on personnel inspections to find faulty equipment, and unable to provide managers with timely and reliable operating data. In response to these problems, our company has launched this lighting control equipment that integrates data collection, fault monitoring, data processing, local manual control, remote control, automatic operation by settings, theodolite, and sensor linkage.

 The equipment adopts RS-485 or LoRa communication method, the distance can reach 2000 meters in the open environment without repeater; the communication distance can reach 10,000 meters in the case of repeaters. At most, the equipment has single circuit power supply on-off control, each loop control current up to 30 A( resistive load).

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