smart city street light infrastructure control monitoring system

Smart Lighting Terminal Controller is widely used in the Smart City Street Lighting Projects, Express highway Tunnels and the Industrial Lighting System on warehouses, factorries, etc., to control lighting fixtures through the Man-Machine Interface, Lamp Monitoring and Data acquisition.

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Detailed of the PLC & LoRa Technology showing on 93km Shen Zhen Outer Ring Expressway Street Lights & Tunnel Light Groups:

NEMA Based Street Lighting Controller


CH-SLC910 Smart Single Lighting Controller is an important part of Intelligent Lighting Management system,by adopting PWM/0-10V dimming technology, it mainly realizes the switch  On/Off of lamps and dimming 0%~100%.

It adopts the latest LORA Communication Technology and Self-Organizing Network Communication Technology, which has advantages of Free Wiring, Low Power Consumption, Long Transmission Distance and other advantages to work with our Two-Way Communication CC(Centralized Controller) which is independently developed by our company, which can remote On/Off, 0%~100% Dimming, Electric Energy/Data acquisition, Fault Detect,etc.



     1.  Control Function     

  1.1: SCL(Smart Lighting Controller) will control the Power Supply Circuit On&Off and the Illumination Changing of the lamp through  LoRa Wireless Communication Channel under the management of the Intelligent CC(Centralized Controller) and other Management Devices, with range of 0%~100%.


  1.2: Automatically control the Power Supply Circuit On&Off and the Illumination Changing of the lamp according to the Schedule(Timetable), with range of 0% to 100%.


     2. Communication Functio

      2.1. Uplink LoRa Communication, Communication Distance between LoRa Single Lighting Controller and Intelligent Lighting Centralized Controller is 500m to 800m, Mesh Networkin

3. Fault Alarm Function

The Single Lamp Smart Controller(SLC) can Automatically report the Fault Information to the Centralized Controller(CC) and other Management Equipment;the Intelligent Lighting CC and other Management Equipment will continuously inquire the status of the Smart Single Lighting Controller.


     4. Illuminance Sensing Function

The Smart SLC can calculate the average illuminance of the surrounding environment, can be intelligently switching On&Off the Lamps when disconnected from the Managements System.  

     5. Power Acquisition Function

Electric Energy Parameter Collection, can record the lamp’s  Electricity Consumption.

      6. The Enclosure

 Follow the International Standard NEMA Interface Housing, Compact and Easy to Install.


III. Parameters

1. Electrical Parameters



Input Voltage

AC 90V-264V

Over Voltage Protection


Power Consumption

< 1W

Relay capacity


Relay Life

Mechanical Life > 5,000,000 times; Electrical LifeResistant Load: 100,000 times

Relay Impulse Current


Insulation withstand Voltage





(L-N  L-PE  N-PE)


Static Electricity


Measuring accuracy


Dimming End Capability


Dimming Method


The Power of Lamp

<400W(2A、220V) or 200W(1A、110V)


2. Environmental Parameters



Normal Operating Temperature Range


Limit Operating Temperature Range


Storage and Transportation Temperature


Storage Humidity



3. Performance Parameters




Core C251 Main Frequency 8MHz

Data Transfer Rate

Default is 9.6 KBPS, others Customized

Working Frequency




Communication Distance

500m~800m(open distance, no occlusion around)

Communication Interface

2 Communication Interfaces,


IV:  Wiring Diagram

V: Attention

1. It is forbidden to connect one SLC to Multiple Drivers, and the Max. power of Driver does not exceed 400W (220V) or 200W (110V).Since Multiple Drivers are connected in Parallel, the internal Capacitance is equivalent to a Large Capacitance, and the reverse Discharge of the Capacitor at the moment of Switching On/Off will affect the life of the Relay Switch.

2. The SLC should be connected correctly and firmly to avoid short-circuit and fire caused by wrong wiring or improper wiring.

3. Due to the differences in the Dimming Curve Parameters of LED Drivers among various power supply manufacturers, our company only guarantees that the Dimming Output signal of the controller is Linear, and does not guarantee that the illumination changes to linear when work with power supply. If the lamp illumination is required to be changed to linear, our company can provide Freely Testing Service and Calibration of Dimming Curve, customers are required to provide lamps and Testing environment.

4. Since most LED Drivers are not stable when 0~1V is input into the Dimming port, our Actual Dimming Output is 1~10V. When the Control Platform sends the Dimming Command from 0% ~10%, the SLC Dimming Port will Output 1V and the Relay is disconnected.
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Smart Lighting Terminal Controller is widely used in the Smart City Street Lighting Projects, Express highway Tunnels and the Industrial Lighting System on warehouses, factorries, etc., to control lighting fixtures through the Man-Machine Interface, Lamp Monitoring and Data acquisition.
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