• 6 – 8 September 2022 Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center
    Jul 08, 2022 6 – 8 September 2022 Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center
    93km Highway Lighting adopted most stabel PLC The 1st, 2nd phases are total 92.86km, 6 Lanes Expressway Standard. The Intelligent Lighting Control & Management Part of the project adopts our equipment and solutions, simplify operations and management, improve maintenance timeliness, on-demand lighting, energy saving and emission reduction. Tunnel Lighting: 1. Automatic Dimming according to Natural Light Intensity, perfect solution for the Black & White Tunnel Effects. 2. Linked with the Vehicle Detection Sensor: when a vehicle passes, it is automatically Dimming according to the natural light intensity; when there is no vehicle passes, it returns to a safe illuminance. Street Lighting: 1.Automatically Turn on & off the lamp according to the Sunset and Sunrise. 2. Automatically Dimming according to the Set Scene Timing. 3. Automatic Dimming according to Natural Light Intensity, automatic Turn On and Emergency Lighting in abnormal weather (such as Heavy Cloudy Weather, Heavy Rain, etc.) With the help of Shenzhen Outer Ring Expressway Platform, the System integrates Lamp Control Module, Expert Analysis Module, Energy Consumption Monitoring Module, Emergency Module, fully demonstrates the advanced technology and scheme of the system, and helps the Outer Ring Expressway Management Team to lay the foundation for the development and popularization of Intelligent Street Lighting.
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  • Our Google website www.stsystemplc.com will be online from June 11, 2021
    Jun 09, 2021 Our Google website www.stsystemplc.com will be online from June 11, 2021
      Our Google website www.stsystemplc.com will be online from June 11, 2021. Warmly welcome customers from all over the world.    Main products series include Smart Lighting Control Sytem and the debugging equipments; Street lighting series from Eco-models to top quality range from 50W~300W; industry lighting Manangement System(esp.high bay for warehouse, and factory); Commercial led lighting and huge volume on ceiling light and the LED Tubes, with competitive pricing for the lighting projects contractors Refurbish or Inovated building; and some special professional lighting products such as 100~300m  Deep Sea LED lighting lamps, and Xenon Flash Tube, esp. the IPL for Hair Remove Device and the Airport Runway Warning.    All of above products will be loading asap. Videos can be check on Youtube Channels, and the origonals can be sent to you seperately. Join together to the IoT Lighting Industry, we will make smarter city lighting projects!    Sincerely wishing all of the old & new customers a very properous business in the next years!!    (We have been ONE-TEAM with domestic and abroad partners all the time!)
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  • The Second Centralized Controller with 4G Model update
    Jul 27, 2021 The Second Centralized Controller with 4G Model update
    Our 2nd Generation Centralized Controller is upadating now, new key features: 1.  Ethernet Port 2. Testing ( Built-in) 3. GPRS 4. LoRa 5. 4G( Support from 2G/3G/4G) 6. Basic functions keep exactly as 1st Version. I:  Description CH-CC800Smart Lighting Management Centralized Controller is independently developed by our company,which is widely used in the Smart City Street Lighting Projects, Super-highway’s Tunnels and the Industrial Lighting such as huge scale factory and warehouse Lighting System,control lighting fixtures through the man-machine interface,data acquisition and lamps Monitoring. Although the Traditional lighting fixtures have widely used in the street lighting, tunnel and high buildings, but there are still a lots of problem exit there: Lifetime, Light Attenuation, Bad Factory Environments etc. which will lead to damage the lamps,moreover, dead plate controlling method, Lighting Scene, the fault points and failure lamps only be found by when the worker inspection there, it can not provide a reliable working data to the controllers on time. For these reasons, we offer this muti-functions smart lighting Centralized Controller: Electric Energy/Data acquisition, Fault Detect,Data Process, Remote Copying Control,Loop Power Control, Dimming,Auto-Running, Temperature Collecting, Sensor Data Acquisition etc. The device has multiple interfaces, in addition to reserved Industrial Bus RS-485, RS-232, it is also equipped with Industrial Touch Screen Interactive Interface, Ethernet Communication Interface, GPRS Communication Interface, Lighting Control Interface (Power Line Carrier or LoRa Communication Channel) Communication Interface to the Loop Controller and Communication Interface with Sensors (such as Illuminance Sensors).The communication performance of the main communication interface is as follows: the communication distance of the RS-485 Industrial Bus can reach 2 km without Repeater, and the actual measurement in the tunnel can reach 1km.; A 7-level gateway can be set in the scene, and the maximum distance can reach 7km according to 1km of the gateway of each level, and the capacity of the equipment in the gateway is up to 255 units; LoRa Communication Interface, the communication distance can reach 2km without Repeater, the measured distance can reach 1km, and the communication distance can reach 10km in the case of repeater.PLC communication interface, the communication distance can reach 400m without repeater, and with repeater In this case, the communication distance can be up to 4km. II. Electrical Parameter Item Rating Range Maximum Loading Lamp Qty. 400 units(extend to1000 units, option for industry lighting) Working Voltage 120/240V±20%( Max.<420V) Working Frequency 50Hz - 60Hz SwitchingOutput 8A(MAX), Over-current Capacity (resistive load) Insulation withstand voltage 4KV, (RS485 interface and power supply) Communication Channels PLC, LoRa, or Hybrid of PLC + LoRa Maximum Consumption Power < 3 watts Remo...
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