Equipment Introduction

The CH C202 Environmental light Monitoring Equipment is independently researched and developed by our company. According to the Road/Tunnel environment, it cooperates with the intelligent lighting centralized controller to automatically control the illuminance of the lamps according to the changing of environmental brightness, to achieve the purpose of intelligent management and control.

Traditional street lighting, tunnel lighting and industrial lighting such as factory&warehouse lighting Switches Controlling Modes are generally divided into Loop Controlling, Sunrise & Sunset Controlling, the corresponding fixtures Loop Controlling in different time periods, although the controlling is mature and widely used, there are still many problems, such as: it cant be automatically adjusted Brightness at rainy, sandy weather , the adjustment range is fixed (only loop switch); moreover, it is impossible to know the ambient brightness of the project site in time. In response to these problems, our company launched this Luminance Collection Equipment. which integrates brightness collection, data processing, and data communication.

The equipment adopts the LORA communication, linked with our centralized controller to achieve auto-dimming.

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