Efficient led tunnel lighting and underpass LED lights with smart remotely controlled system and Vehicle Motion and Ambient Sensor Dimming integrtated. which is easier for monitor & controlling by the IoT platform, to comptele the smart city lighting projects.
    Efficient tunnel lighting and underpass LED lights with remotely controlled system and Vehicle Motion and Ambient Sensor Dimming
                                       Smart Tunnel Light and LED roadway lights provide the incredibly efficient-offering super high output at 200lm/W, 175lm/W &160lm/W 130lm/W optional to meet different Budgets High-quality Led street light from SOWIN, contact us for the reasonable price from leading led street light manufacturer in China. All of them adopts world famous brand leaders led chips like Phillips,Osram and Cree, and professional roads lighting optical lens with high efficiency,and uniform light. Power range from 30W to 300W, which suitable for any height poles, and kinds of roads lighting.           Dual Colors Temperature Solutions: 2700K ~ 4500K/6000K Automatic Changing by Weather Sensor    Our Dual Colors Temperature LED street lighting will be perfect solution for the heavy snowing area, serios fog & rains roads, they will be automatically changing the CCT from( from example 4500/6000k to 2700k) nature white-Daylight/cool white to Warm white colors by the intelligent sensors when detecting of dense fog, rainstorm or snowing.     Moreover our Intelligent street lighting system is a core element for the smart city platform, with maximum power saving rate up to 80% than traditional high pressure sodium lamps and the metal halide lamps by dimming on-demand lighting brightness to the whole city, and at least more of 30% power saving than normal led street lamps without the smart lighting control & management system, and extend the lamps service lifetime dramatically by dimming to minimum safety illumination at midnight.   Smart Street Light System      IoT LED Street Lighting enables Outdoor Lighting Maintain and repair synchronously to provide safe access to all road users, it is a key control solution for the Smart City LED Street Lighting Projects, which will be synchronously controlling and monitoring the grid and street lighting at one time, widely linkage to the third party devices such as energy meter, three-phase current sensor, over voltage protector, illuminance sensor, and motion sensor etc. You can monitor and control all the streetlight cabinets in any part of the world as long as there is Internet.   By connecting with the motion sensor and daylight intensity detect sensor, it will provide a perfect solution and seamless for the intelligent lighting control management system on the effective energy asset management in city roads, expressways, tunnels,warehouses, factories, buildings, substations,airports lighting projects. The 3rd party sensor linkage options.     Both of PLC - Power line communica, LoRa, RS485 and Loop Controlling ect. solutions to fit any different Budget.       Ambient Sensor Connected the Outdoor Street Luminaires      The CH-C202 Environmental Light Monitoring Equipment is independently researched and developed by our company. According to the Roads/Tunnel environment, it cooperates with the intelligent lighting centralized controller to automatically control the illuminance of the lamps according to the changing of environmental brightness, to achieve the purpose of intelligent management and control.    Traditional municipal street lighting, street lamp tunnel lighting, industrial lighting such as factory&warehouse lighting Switches Controlling Modes are generally divided into Loop Controlling, Sunrise & Sunset Controlling, the corresponding fixtures Loop Controlling in different time periods. Although the controlling is mature and widely used, there are still many problems, such as: it can’t be automatically adjusted Brightness at rainy, sandy weather, the adjustment range is fixed (only loop switch); moreover, it is impossible to know the environmental brightness of the project site in time. In response to these problems, our company launched this Luminance Collection Equipment. which integrates brightness collection, data processing, and data communication.    The device adopts GPRS communication mode, which can report the collected brightness data to the server directly.   Motion Sensor adapt the Seamless Connecting LED Street Lighting      The Motion Sensor aims at the using environment of street lighting, tunnels and factories etc., through the moving detection of vehicles, people or objects, the lighting fixtures are automatically controlled according to programming to realize intelligent lighting control.     Traditional street lightings,  tunnels, factories lighting fixtures are mostly controlled by personnel inspection or...

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