System Features:

1.  Server Capacity  :    Whole Countrys Projects can share 1 Server, Cloud Based Datahub

2.  PLC Line Comm :    PLC + LoRa with GSM/GPRS/3G/4G/5G

3.  Automatic Run    :    Turn On/Off, Dimming according to the Nature Light Intensity/Ambient Light

4.  Monitor Function:    W/V/I/Tempt./Air Quality- PM2.5

5.  Sensors Detect  :    Rain/Fog/Snow/Sunny/Cloudy/ Dimming according to Motion Sensor

6.  Communication  :    Max. 2,000m

7.  Auto-Reporting   :    Tempt/ Malfunctions/Loop Power

8.  Grid/Metering     :    3 phases Grid Data & Cabinet Monitoring / Power Consumption Report / Remote Energy Metering

9.  GPS/ Altitude & Latitude /Sunset & Sunrise / Warning any Abnormal Cases.

I: Introduction

CH-800 Centralized Controller is our 3rd Generation Smart Lighting Segment Controller which is independently developed by our company,and widely used in the Smart City Street Lighting Projects, Super-highway’s Tunnels and the Industrial Lighting such as big scale factory and warehouse Digital Lighting System, Port and Plant and Stations,etc., to control lighting fixtures through the man-machine interface,data acquisition and lamps status Monitoring.

Although the Traditional lighting fixtures have widely used in the street lighting, tunnel and high buildings, but there are still a lots of problem exit there: Lifetime, Light Attenuation, Bad Factory Environments etc. which will lead to damage the lamps,moreover, dead plate controlling method, Lighting Scene, the fault points and failure lamps only be found by when the worker inspection there, it can not provide a reliable working data to the controllers on time. For these reasons, we offer this muti-functions smart lighting Centralized Controller: Electric Energy/Data acquisition, Fault Detect,Data Process, Remote Copying Control,Loop Power Control, Dimming,Auto-Running, Temperature Collecting, Sensor Data Acquisition etc.

The device has multiple interfaces, in addition to reserved Industrial Bus RS-485, RS-232, it is also equipped with Industrial Touch Screen Interactive Interface, Ethernet Communication Interface, GPRS Communication Interface, Lighting Control Interface (Power Line Carrier or LoRa Communication Channel) Communication Interface to the Loop Controller and Communication Interface with Sensors (such as Illuminance Sensors).The communication performance of the main communication interface is as follows: the communication distance of the RS-485 Industrial Bus can reach 2 km without Repeater, and the actual measurement in the tunnel can reach 1km.; A 7-level gateway can be set in the scene, and the maximum distance can reach 7km according to 1km of the gateway of each level, and the capacity of the equipment in the gateway is up to 255 units; LoRa Communication Interface, the communication distance can reach 2km without Repeater, the measured distance can reach 1km, and the communication distance can reach 10km in the case of repeater.PLC communication interface, the communication distance can reach 400m without repeater, and with repeater In this case, the communication distance can be up to 4km.

II. Electrical Parameter


Rating Range

Maximum Loading Lamp Qty.

400 units(extend to1000 units, option for industry lighting)

Working Voltage

120/240V ±20%( Max.<420V)

Working Frequency

50Hz - 60Hz

Switching Output

8A(MAX),Over-current Capacity (resistive load)

Insulation withstand voltage

4KV, (RS485 interface and power supply)

Communication Channels

PLC, LoRa, or Hybrid of PLC + LoRa

Maximum Consumption Power

< 3 watts

Remote Control

Group & Individual ON/OFF/Dimming

Latitude & Longitude Switch


Lighting Sensors

Seamless Fill brightness by Illuminance Sensor + Motion Sensor

Scene Lighting Automatically

Rainy, Cloudy, Fogs, Snowing Days Auto-adjusting

Grid / Lamp Monitoring

V/I/W/PW, Active & Reactive Power, Lamp Tempt., Cabinet Door Status, Air quality PM2.5, Snow, Rain, Fogs etc.

Power Metering

Reporting & Analysis

GPRS Warning

Lamp Failure,Over Temperature/Voltage, Wires Stolen, GPS location the Stealing-electricity on google map.

Statistical Analysis

Luminance Ration, Alarm Statistics, Power Saving Ration, Voltage/Current Fluctuate, Environment Monitor


Automatic Shut down when Over Tempt. ; Location Stealing & Automatic Calculation of Power Stealing, Wire Stealing Alarm & Location, Decreasing Current Impact & Extend Lifetime.

Asset Management

Lower Budget can choose our Asset Managing System

Video Monitoring

CCTV Camera for safer city (option)

EV Charging


Insulation withstand voltage





Surge ProtectL-N  L-PE  N-PE)


Static Electricity


Operating Temperature


Storage and Working Humidity


IP Rating



155x110*110mm (L/W/H)



III: Lighting Controlling Functions

1).  Control Priority Level

High priority or Same Level can change the state of low priority or same level, while low priority can not change the state of high priority.

The control mode corresponds to the following priorities.

2).  Priority Level 1 - Recovery Auto-Run Operating (Highest Priority Level)

At this time, the state of priority Level 4 is executed regardless of the control state in which it was previously operated(the specific operation is performed according to the setting value at the time of installation).

a) The server or client remotely issues “Recovery Auto-Runcommand.

b) Press the "Manual/Auto - Run" Button on the device panel

3).  Priority Level 2- Local Manual Control

Change the illuminance of the lamp through the control button on the device panel; at this time, the control commands of priority 3 and priority 4 will not be executed if the manual command is executed.

4).  Priority Level 2- Remote Operation Control

Remotely issue the control Commands through the Server or the Client; at this time, the Lighting that executes the Manual Command, the Priority Level 3 and Priority Level 4 control status will not be executed.

5).  Priority Level 3- Illumination Control

Controls the Brightness values of all Fixtures according to preset rules by the received illuminance value.

6).  Priority Level 4 - Latitude &Longitude Control

By setting the Latitude and Longitude values, the Sunrise and Sunset times are calculated, Disconnect the Loop at the sunrise time, Closed the Loop at the sunset time . The On-Off time can be fine-tuned by the Sunrise and Sunset offset time, and the range of fine-tuned for 30 minutes.

7).  Priority Level 4 - Schedule Control

Control the Brightness Value of the Fixture through the set 6-Segment Schedule.

5. Data Collection

Remote or Local Acquisition of Loop Controllers and Lamps Operating Status and Parameters.

6. Electrical Parameter Acquisition (Optional)

1). Collection of Electricity Consumption

The device has a Built-in Three-Phase Energy Collection Module, which can collect the Energy Measurement Value of the Internal Module and Report it.

The Device can Collect the Energy Measurement Value of the Loop Controller and the Energy Meter and Report it.

2). Electrical Parameter Acquisition

The Built-in Three-Phase Energy Collection Module can collect the Voltage, Current, Active Power and Power Factor of the internal Module and Report it.

The Device can collect the Voltage, Current, Active Power and Power Factor of the Loop Controller, the Energy Meter and the Intelligent Lighting management Terminal, and Report it.

7. Fault Reporting

The Fault of the Device itself Occurs(AC Contactor Fault, Clock Fault, Communication Fault, etc.), and the Fault Information is automatically reported to the Server.

Collect the Information: such as Loop Controllers Fault and Light Controllers Fault, etc. (AC Contactor Faults, Clock Faults, Communication Faults, Lamp Faults, Temperature Faults, etc.)

8. Data Communication Channels

1) .  PLC - Power Line Communication

Power Line Communication (PLC) is a communication technology that enables sending data over existing power cables. This means that, with just power cables running to an electronic device (for example) one can both power it up and at the same time control/retrieve data from it in a half-duplex manner.

2). LoRa Communication

Through LoRa Wireless Communication Channel, the Data Exchange and Control Command Reception between the Device and the Man-Machine Interface Device are realized. The Technical advantages are as follows:

a) Adopting the latest International IoT(Internet of Things) LoRa Communication Technology, combined with AES128 Communication Encryption Technology and Self-Organizing Network Technology, the Communication Distance, Reliability and Security are greatly improved.

b) The Point-to-Point Communication Distance can reach 3,000m, and the measured average in the Power Plant is 1,000m.

c) In the case of Repeater, measured 13,000m can be normal communication.

3). RS-485 Communication

Through RS-485 Communication Channel, the Data Exchange and Control Command reception between the Device and the Man-Machine Interface Device are realized. The Technical Advantages are as follows:

a). The device capacity in the gateway is 255.

b). Strong Anti-Interference, Differential Mode Communication, and Software Fault Tolerance, no need to use Dedicated RS-485 Communication Line, reduce engineering cost under the premise of Ensuring Reliability

9. Extended Function (Optional)

1). Linkage

The Device can be linked with Equipment such as Cameras and Conveyer Belt; For example, when the Camera is activated, the Brightness of the Corresponding Lighting Area is Raised lighting the whole area, to Restore the Original Illumination when the Camera Stop Shooting; Another example, when the Conveyor Belt start transmission, its corresponding lighting area is adjusted the brightness, illuminates the area, and restores the minimum safe illuminance when Stop Transmission.

2). Dimming Loop Extension

The Control Loop can be concatenated to realize the application of Multiple Requirements.

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