LED high bay lighting daylight intensity sensor control system (6)

The Intelligent LED high bay lighting control system with Motions Sensor, surrounding brightness detect sosor, avaliable in PLC, RS485 and LoRa communication to fit any conditions in warehouse and the factory lighting. Cloud based Server Data storage, and  Plug & Play "Touch Screen" man-machine interface, which lead to an excellent Architecture, to keep perfect working all the time and warranty under safe system, it will sove the conflict problems by multi-control priority, decrease huge on the running management and the maintenance cost, that is also  get a faster investment returing.
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    Guang Zhou

Automatic LED Outdoor Lighting achieves by Smart Street Light & Tunnel Lighting using the IoT tech.

Communication Channles & System Advantages

4. Communication Topology Diagram

 4.1 The communication performance of the main communication interface are as following: 


1):  RS-485 Industrial Bus communication distance can reach 2km without repeater , 7 level gateway can be set up in the scene, the max. distance can reach 7km according to 1km of each stage gateway, and the equipment capacity in the gateway can reach 255 units.

2):  LoRa c ommunicationinterface, the communication distance can reach 2km without relay, and the communication distance can reach 10km with repeaters;

3):  PLC Communication Interface, the communication distance can reach 400m without repeater, with repeater in this case, the communication distance can be up to 4km.

4.2  Backbone Network Communication Topology Diagram



4.3  Neural Network Communication Topology Diagram

5. System Advantages:

5.1  System Modular Design

5.1.1 Composition system equipment

   The equipment building block of the system can run independently and can be combined arbitrarily, which not only reduces the cost, but also is easier to meet the users demand.

5.1.2 Reliability

   Because of the modular design, any device can store operating parameters and can run independently, avoiding system crashes caused by damage to a device or node. 

5.2  Strong System Expansion Capability.

   The system can be docked with other systems with an open protocol.

Terminal equipment can be linked with various equipment.

The internal equipment of the system can be cascaded without being limited by the project scale.


5.3  Personalized Customization

   The man-machine interface interface accepts customization requirements and can be customized according to user requirements.

5.4  High Economy (input-output ratio)

   Through years of data statistics, using this system to manage energy saving, the energy saving ratio is generally between 50%-60%, and most projects can recover the initial investment cost within 1 - 2 years.

5.5  Management Advantage

   Reduce the work intensity of management staff and improve work efficiency; provide management staff with operating data as a management basis; thereby greatly reducing management costs. 



With the in-depth binding of strategic policies such as Smart City and Smart Manufacturing Industry 4.0, these strategic policies have been promoted as an important part of many countries.  Although the lighting industry is only a small part of the whole industry, it is an indispensable part and a solid foundation in the strategic layout and also the easiest link to achieve. We hope that our intelligent lighting solutions can contribute to the development of end users, and we warmly welcome the users valuable suggestions. Let us contributing to create a greener world!

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