Smart Commercial Warehouse Lighting Fixtures Control System (3)

The Digital Control mode of smart industry Lighting Control System are more and more popular in the IoT Industry Lighting management system,  adopting the state-of-the-art solution, precise dimming the lighting brightness to 100% immediately to detect the presence of human bodies, not just according to the, daylight intensity detect senors, infrared sensors, motion sensors to detect moving Conveyor belt and forklift,  but also  handle the emergency by local interface: buttons on the device or industrial touch screen, handheld devices, and overhaul panel switches for safety planning.

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Automatic LED Outdoor Lighting achieves by Smart Street Light & Tunnel Lighting using the IoT tech.

Intelligent Controlling Assistance  Intelligent assistance ~ System-level Linkage Control Scheme

Linked with power monitoring, auxiliary control or fire alarm systems, in emergency or special circumstances, other systems directly operate the lamps in the corresponding area, and this system has open protocols and interfaces.  Intelligent assistance ~ Equipment-level Linkage Control Scheme

The lamps can be directly linked with cameras, rolling shutters, fire-fighting equipment and other equipment without going through superior management equipment or systems. For example, when the camera is moving, the corresponding position lamp directly compensates the light.   Intelligent Assistance ~ Inspection Control Scheme

Most factories are automated and do not require personnel to stay in the work place. These areas only need to ensure safe illuminance at ordinary times. During inspections, the brightness of lighting fixtures can be improved.

Generally, in the inspection mode, the luminous intensity only needs to be 50%-80% at the maximum.




During the inspection process, the staff can be equipped with handheld devices to realize where the lights are on where the person walks.  Intelligent Assistance ~Maintenance Control Plan

When the equipment is overhauled or emergency incidents are handled, the corresponding area is controlled through the overhaul panel switch. Generally, the lamp will be controlled to 100% brightness, and the automatic state can be restored locally or remotely after processing.

The inspection panel switch is generally installed in the original lamp switch position.  Intelligent assistance-Existence Control Scheme

Using cameras, infrared sensors or gates and other equipment to determine whether there are people in the area, so as to control the illumination of the lamps in the area; that is, there are people in the area, the lamps are the brightest, when there are no people in the area, the lamps will perform a safe illumination state.  Safety Assistance-Emergency Plan

When the server or system backbone communication network is abnormal or damaged, the on-site lamps and the local management center equipment and multiple sensors are linked, the lamps will run according to the set program without any impact;

Local management center equipment, lamps automatically switch to maximum brightness;

When there is a fire, accident, etc., the system can be linked with other emergency systems or equipment, automatically adjust according to the plan;

In situations where linkage is not possible, emergency operations can be performed remotely or locally through the man-machine interface. The local interface includes: buttons on the device or industrial touch screen, handheld devices, and overhaul panel switches.  Safety Assistance-Early Warning, Warning Program

When harmful gas or dust exceeds the standard index, the system will immediately alarm and locate the alarm location or range through the human-machine interface; at the same time, some lamps in the corresponding area will give early warning and alarm according to the SOS frequency.

When the temperature of the lamp or the ambient temperature is too high, the system immediately alarms and locates the alarm position or range through the human-machine interface; at the same time, the lamps in the corresponding area are dimmed until the temperature drops or the dimming ratio is less than 10%.  Intelligent Fusion Solution

The traditional lighting control system adopts the "Master-Branch" architecture, while our intelligent lighting control system adopts the latest mainstream architecture: the "Master-Branch-Master" architecture.

 Master-Branch-Master Architecture


 Master-Branch Architecture


Because of the Master- Branch- Master” architecture, the above scheme can be combined and fused to achieve more intelligent applications.


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According to theRoad/Tunnel environment, it cooperates with the intelligent lighting centralized controller to automatically control the illuminance of the lamps according to the changing of environmental brightness, to achieve the purpose of intelligent management and control.
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