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  • CH C101
    CH C101
    Vehicle motion sensor for intelligent street light control system
    The Motion Sensor aims at the using environment of street lighting, tunnels and factories etc., through the moving detection of vehicles, people or objects, the lighting fixtures are automatically controlled according to programming to realize intelligent lighting control. Traditional street lightings,  tunnels, factories lighting fixtures are mostly controlled by personnel inspection or regular control, which initially meets the needs of the scene, but still cannot achieve the effect of intelligent control. For example: Turn on or dimming to brighter when people is coming, and turn lights off when people go away; No matter which direction the person enters from, the lamps in the area will automatically light up or increase according to the setting; this equipment cooperates with the intelligent lamps to solve these problemsperfectly. It adopts the most advanced and popular LoRa wireless communication technology, the communication distance can reach 3 kilometers without repeater, and the actual measurement reach 1 kilometers, and the communication distance is adjustable.

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