Black Tunnel & White Tunnel Effects are solved by Motion Sensor and Daylight Sonsor Perfectly May 27, 2021

Tunnel Art Lighting with Colorful at the tunnel ceiling or Column-- Prevent the Boring Dring in the Super Long Tunnel on expressway, make the driver more happier driving on the highway, Refresh and relax motorist.

Intelligent Tunnel Lighting Features:

1. Automatic Dimming according to Natural Daylight Intensity detecting Sensor, perfect solution for the Black Tunnel & White Tunnel Effects--Black Tunnel and White Tunnel Syndrome will be completely solvely, especially prevent Vehicle collision or rear-end collisionaccidents occur at the Tunnel Entrance and the Tunnel Exit area.

2. Linked with the Vehicle Detection Sensor: when a vehicle passes, it is automatically Dimming according to the natural light intensity; when there is no vehicle passes, it returns to a safe illuminance.

Intelligent Street Lighting Features:

1. Automatically Switch On & Off & Dimming the lights according to the Sunset and Sunrise time;

2. Automated Dimming according to Natural Light Intensity, automatic Turn On and Emergency Lighting in abnormal weather (such as Heavy Cloudy Weather, Heavy Rain, Foggy, Snowing, etc.).

3. Warm White & Cool/Nature White CCT colors auto-switching by at Summer Winter, Snowing, Foggy days according to SceneTiming. For example: 2700K CCT in Snowing/Foggy Days, and 4500/5000/6000K in Summer, Autumn seasons.

The Traditional Tunnel Lighting are same level brightness in whole day, there are lots of disadvantage of it, for example: Sunny days,  all of the vehicles driving at 80km/h ~100km/h into the tunnel which is 100% lighting on, but almost all of the driver feel uncomfortable during the tunnel entrance, and if long time driving at a Rainy days, but meeting the very bright lighting in the tunnel?

Tunnel Groups of smart tunnel lighting on the Shen Zhen Outer Ring Expressway adopt this Technology by Integrated the Motion Sensor and Daylight Sensor along the whole projects.

Fog & Rain Sensor will offer you An unprecedented experience!

How to find a wonderful solution for a better comfortable and safer for these problem? Call us!

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