Smart Street Lighting Projects on Guang Dong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area May 27, 2021

   The Intelligent Outdoor Lighting Control & Monitoring System adopts our equipment and solutions, simplify operations and management, improve maintenance timeliness, on-demand lighting, energy saving and emission reduction, to Remote control & manage the LED street light, integrated with Motion Sensor and Ambient Sensor for seamless connecting for the outdoor luminaire to achieve automatic lighting management on the IoT Smart City Street Lighting Platform, enhance a safer & more attractive living environment for citizens.  

Tunnel Lighting: 

1. Automatic Dimming according to Natural Light Intensity, perfect solution for the Black & White Tunnel Effects--black tunnel and white tunnel syndrome 

2. Linked with the Vehicle Detection Sensor: when a vehicle passes, it is automatically Dimming according to the natural light intensity; 

3. When there is no vehicle passes, it returns to a safe illuminance.

Street Lighting: 

1. Automatically Turn on & off the lamp according to the Sunset and Sunrise. 

2. Automatically Dimming according to the Set Scene Timing. 

3. Automatic Dimming according to Natural Light Intensity, automatic Turn On and Emergency Lighting in abnormal weather (such as Heavy Cloudy Weather, Heavy Rain, etc.). 

   With the help of Shenzhen Outer Ring Expressway Platform, the System integrates Lamp Control Module, Expert Analysis Module, Energy Consumption Monitoring Module, Emergency Module, fully demonstrates the advanced technology and scheme of the system, and helps the Outer Ring Expressway Management Team to lay the foundation for the development and popularization of Intelligent Street Lighting.

Guangzhou-Zhongshan-Jiangmen Expressway is a key project for the interconnection of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

The construction of it started on December 29, 2010; the first phase of the project was opened to traffic on December 28, 2016; the second phase was opened to traffic on December 28, 2017; the third phase of the project opened to traffic at 10:08 on December 28, 2020. It starts at Dagang Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou City and ends at Yayao Town, Heshan City, Jiangmen City, with a total length of 67.3 kilometers.

1st and 2nd phase installed with our intelligent street lighting system, adopted the most advanced & stable technology--PLC(Power Line Communication). There are total 35 transformer on 2nd 3rd phases, each Power Distribution Cabinet need one  Centralized controller, and each street lamp need one unit individual lamp controller; 1st phase will be update to smart lighting system end of 2021.

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